A logo is the face of a brand. It represents the brand’s
personality, demonstrates its integrity and acts as a visual
representation of what value that brand brings into the world.
It sits proudly on its own website, but also gets shared
amongst others when used on marketing, PR and advertisement
material. It’s an essential piece of every business’ branding
puzzle whether they’re a new start up or veterans in their
field as it sets the tone for the business and helps create a
positive connection with past, present and future customers.

At A Better Lemonade Stand we believe in helping businesses put
their best foot forward no matter where they are in the process
of building, launching or growing their ecommerce business and
to help further achieve our goal we’re now offering a custom
logo design service to help brands big and small create their
very own beautiful and functional logo. We’re proud to announce
A Better Lemonade Stand’s Logo
Maker & Branding Shop.

How to Create a Custom Logo

A Better Lemonade Stand’s Logo
Maker & Branding Shop uses sophisticated learning tools
to arrange graphics, typography and color schemes into a unique
logo that fits your brand. Since logos are the first
introduction to your business for many people, it’s an
opportunity to create a positive first impression and give new
clientele an authentic feel for your business. A great logo
will use style, structure, colors and fonts to help people
quickly understand what your company is about and what you do.

Pairing shapes, styles, typefaces and colours together can be
an overwhelming task when you have no design experience,
especially when you want the result to be a professional,
beautiful and true representation of your brand. You can use
online design assets to piece a logo together, but if you don’t
have the eye to arrange graphics, fonts and colors together in
a cohesive way, the result can look messy and unprofessional.
Even if you do have an eye for pairing aspects of a logo
together, using online design assets available to anyone means
you’re logo is less likely to be unique and custom to your

The Logo Maker & Branding Shop is the perfect solution if
you have no design experience because it has the ability mix
and match icons, fonts and colour schemes together to create a
cohesive logo that encompases your brand’s essence based on the
guidance you give it. It responds to your selections to create
a logo that’s unique and tailored to your needs so you can be
sure that no other brand will have a logo like yours. Creating
a custom logo that represents the true nature of your brand and
impresses your customers from first sight is accessible and
achievable for all businesses with The Logo Maker &
Branding Shop.

Where You Will Use Your Logo

Logos are a worthwhile investment for every business because of
their wide range of uses. Your logo represents your brand so
there will be plenty of opportunities where you’ll be required
to use your logo. These places include:

Your Homepage

Your About Page

Email Newsletters

Your Products

Branded Stationery

Social Media Platforms

Guest Contributions/Appearances on Other Websites
(Articles, Quotes, etc.)


Business Cards

Online & Print Advertisements

Online & Print Marketing Material

Business Documents


Company Apparel

Shipping Boxes

Product Packaging

You need a logo that can work for all these varied uses whether
it’s online, in print, customer facing, for your company’s eyes
only, or across your social platforms. Even if you don’t need
your logo to represent you in all these various ways just yet,
you may need to in the future and it’s easier to have a logo
that’s optimized and ready to be used in all circumstances than
it is to re-do or re-brand your logo. The Logo Maker &
Branding Shop can help you get your logo right the first time
so you’ll be prepared to upload, share or print your logo
whenever the case may arise.

The Logo Maker & Branding Shop can help you get your logo
right the first time so you’ll be prepared to upload, share
or print your logo whenever the case may arise.

Refresh Your Current Logo

Perhaps you’ve been in business long enough to already have a
logo. If you created your logo when you first started your
business, think about where you are now and where you were when
you started. Were you working on a bootstrapped budget and put
together the logo yourself? Maybe you found a designer who
could create a logo for you online for cheap because they used
a template they’ve used for hundreds of other brands. If your
business has grown over time and evolved, maybe your logo needs
to, too.

You may be in need of a logo refresh if:

You’ve had your logo since you first started your store a
year, or a few years, ago

You created your logo yourself on a bootstrapped budget
with no design experience

You had your logo created by a non-professional designer

Your business has grown and evolved a lot since you first
designed your logo

Your logo looks dated and behind the times

Your logo isn’t as functional as you need it to be

Your icons, fonts or colors don’t match with your current

Your logo no longer fits your brand’s style, vision, ethos
or message

You don’t have the proper files required to share or
optimize your logo (PNG or Vector file formats)

For these reasons and many more, it may be time to refresh your
logo. The Logo Maker & Branding Shop can help by creating a
fresh logo that’s more in line with your business now that
you’ve grown, scaled or evolved into where you are now. It’s
natural for brands to develop and grow in new directions once
the business starts to gain more traction, so make sure your
logo grows with you and isn’t holding you back. You want your
logo to be the best representation of your business, so make
sure every element of it says exactly what you need it to about
where your brand is going, not where it was.

You want your logo to be the best representation of your
business, so make sure every element of it says exactly what
you need it to about where your brand is going, not where it

A Better Lemonade Stand’s Logo Maker & Branding Shop

Our Logo Maker & Branding Shop creates compelling brand
visuals by pairing together these three main aspects into one
cohesive and custom logo for your brand:


Put your best foot forward and capture the meaning of your
brand in an icon that speaks volumes about the service you
provide and the value you bring to your customers. Icons,
shapes and graphics give direct insight into your business and
breathe life into your logo. The Logo Maker & Branding Shop
will help you establish an instantly recognizable icon for your


Let your brand speak for itself through the typefaces that
spell out your brand name and tagline. Whether your brand is
sleek and stylish, fresh and modern, timeless and classic,
quirky and bold, or anywhere else in between, The Logo Maker
& Branding Shop will capture what it means to be your brand
and translate it into written words. Speak truth to your future
clientele with typefaces that match your brand’s voice.

Color Pallet

Use the power of color to represent your brand in a way that
appeals to your future clientele. Illustrate the true nature of
your business through color pallets that work well with one
another and stimulate ideal psychological responses within the
mind. Use The Logo Maker & Branding Shop to pair color
schemes together that will embody your brand and help you make
a lasting first impression.


In an effort to provide options for bootstrapped start-ups as
well as established and growing businesses, we have two
different pricing options:

Basic ($20): Get access to your logo design
in a PNG file format, which is ideal for almost all instances
where a logo is necessary.

Designer ($55): Get access to your logo
design in a PNG file format as well as a vector logo in SVG
and EPS formats, which is ideal for all instances where a
logo is necessary, plus receive a brand style guide that
gives you guidance on how to use your new logo.

However, it’s completely free to use the tool, you only
purchase the logo after you’ve completely designed it and
customized it to suit your needs.

We wanted to make this tool as accessible yet high-quality as
possible, and our pricing options reflect that. If you’ve just
started your business and need a quick, custom and functional
logo to get you started, choose our Basic plan. If you’re a
scaling and growing business that’s working on lots of
different projects and need a strong logo to attach to your
marketing, advertising, social sharing and product assets, the
Designer plan is an incredible offer that will meet your
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Check Out Our Logo Maker & Branding Shop

Attract the kind of business you want to achieve with a
professional-grade logo designed by our smart service, The Logo
Maker & Branding Shop. Use your logo across all your brand
assets to establish professionalism, individuality and
character for your business while reaching forward to the
future where your brand is growing, and not back into the past
where you were. Get your logo right the first time and put your
best foot forward so you can impress your customers, instill
them with confidence and ensure that you’re capable of
providing them with the value they’re looking for from your
business. Create a custom logo that works for you, no matter
what your business’ needs are, with The Logo Maker &
Branding Shop.

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