Today is a big day for the Divi contact form module! This new update takes what was a simple form builder and transforms it into something much more advanced and full of possibilities. We have added more input types, more customisability, field validation rules and conditional logic. It’s a big update that really takes the module to the next level.
The contact form module now contains all of the input types that you need, including select dropdowns, checkboxes and radio buttons, and the new interface makes it easy to manage sub items within these new field types. Add and subtract dropdown and radio items with ease and even choose which items should be pre-selected.
My favorite new feature is the conditional logic system. We have implement conditional logic options into the contact form module that allow you to display and hide fields based on the information your visitors place into form. For example, you could create a dynamic web design quote form using conditional logic that displays additional fields when users select certain web design packages. If the visitor chooses the eCommerce option, automatically display additional fields to request more information about their business.
Each input type now comes with field validation rules that you can use to ensure that the information your visitors are submitting is formatted correctly, such as restricting characters to letters and numbers. You can also define minimum and maximum lengths for standard input fields.
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