In our latest roundup of the best ecommerce resources we’re
bringing you some of the most noteworthy updates from the
biggest players in the ecommerce industry. As always, the
purpose of these monthly roundup posts is to bring you news you
can use to stay more informed, helpful resources and guides to
improve your businesses and some interesting topics to think
about or share with others. If you’ve missed our previous
roundups you can read the April, May, June and July ones here.

August is a typically slow month for ecommerce, but that didn’t
stop some major announcements across the industry. Shopify
expanded their Amazon integration and will be going voice
enabled soon while Pinterest and Quora have new advertising
solutions for you to test and experiment with before the
holiday season takes off.
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To help you improve your business, we’re introducing you to a
new tool to help you find out what other apps merchants are
using on their site and a selection of guides to improve your
checkout flows, upselling opportunities, and a how to start
planning a better process for managing your bookkeeping and
business records.

As we head into the last month of the 3rd quarter, take a
moment and look at your business and plan what you want to
focus on going into the busiest quarter of the year. Let the
first post about the global opportunity be a source of
inspiration for you to realize that no matter how big or small
your business is today the opportunity is vast because it’s
growing at a rapid pace. Enjoy!

Consumer Trends

Global Ecommerce: Massive Opportunity Ahead For the
Borderfree Business

Date: August 14, 2017 Author:
Dan Virgillito

Staring with this first post, we wanted to zoom out a bit to
get some perspective on just how large ecommerce is on the
global front. Intuitively we know that ecommerce (and the
internet) has no physical border, if you look at the stats from
this post, you’ll see how rapidly and quickly ecommerce is
growing. Some of you may already be doing business in multiple
countries, and some of you may still be starting out
domestically, but it’s good to know how vast and how big the
opportunity of ecommerce is in general.

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Ecommerce News

Shopify’s plan to let 400,000 merchants run their
business via Alexa and bots

Date: August 4, 2017 Author:
Khari Johnson

Listen up – Shopify is investing heavily in bots and it
shouldn’t be a surprise. Since the acquisition of KIT and then
subsequently making it available to all merchants for free, you
can bet Shopify has an eye towards the future in bots. With
this announcement, it’s clear that not only are bots a major
focus, but so are voice-enabled interfaces like Alexa. As these
two interfaces start to converge, there’s no doubt merchants
and consumers alike will be engaging with Shopify in new and
exciting ways before you can say “Alexa, set a reminder for
today to check out this link.”

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Quora launches retargeting for advertisers

Date: August 18, 2017 Author:
Ginny Marvin

Retargeting, behavioral advertising, remarketing, sticky ads –
whatever you call it, it’s painfully obvious that a warm
audience who has been to your site will always perform better
than someone who has not. Now Quora has an answer to
retargeting ads as well. For merchants who have sophisticated
products, answering questions on Quora is an effective way to
demonstrate some non-obvious features or benefits of your
products. And with over 200 million visitors a month, you can
now target those audience who came to your website with a Quora
“conversion pixel” on your site.

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A patent that helped Amazon take over online commerce
is about to expire

Date: August 19, 2017 Author:
Keith Collins

One of the most controversial patents in the ecommerce space is
the infamous “one-click-purchase” from Amazon. Now that it has
been 20 years since the patent was issued, it will expire soon
which permits anyone to implement the same one-click-purchase
process without a license from Amazon. Although it is been
pretty trivial to implement a feature like this by programmers,
Amazon got some good use of the process not because it was
technically sophisticated but because they were able to defend
it with a patent. The patent will expire on September 11, 2017
– so watch out for twitchy fingers as you start seeing it
pervade the internet.

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New Features, New Categories: Selling on Amazon with
Shopify Just Got Easier

Date: August 29, 2017 Author:
Brandon Chu

Speaking of Amazon and the one-click-purchase, Shopify has made
it even easier for merchants to expand their product catalog
and inventory management to Amazon with the new categories that
Shopify now supports. If you have been waiting for your
category to be opened up, check this post to see if it’s on the
list. Additionally, if you are “Brand Registered” with Amazon,
you can now manage that within Shopify directly, too.

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Pinterest Unleashes Video Ads for All Advertisers With
Third-Party Measurement Partners

Date: August 8, 2017 Author:
Lauren Johnson

Video ads is the format de juor for advertisers whether you’re
on Facebook’s ad platform (including Instagram), YouTube, or on
Snapchat. You can now put Pinterest in the mix of platforms
that will now let you use videos in ads. When video ads were
first available on Facebook and Instagram, there was a rapid
rush as Facebook extended extra reach and users responded to
its novelty. Now that it’s commonplace on Facebook, being early
to do video ads on Pinterest might be an interesting experiment
to try while others are still catching up. Give it a shot!

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Get to know what shopify apps an online store is

Date: August 3, 2017 Author:
Shashank Kumar

It’s ok, you can admit it. You look at other Shopify sites and
even your competitors from time to see how you stack up. What
apps do they use? How much traffic do they have? Well, there
are plenty of tools to show you your competitors traffic,
social media counts, and other vanity metrics but there wasn’t
an easy way to know what Shopify Apps they have installed.
Until now! This handly little tool lets you spy on your
competitors or any Shopify site to see what apps they use.
Paste the URL into the tool and it will dutifully report back
the apps it can find – and it even links you right to the
Shopify App Directory so you can install any apps if you want

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How to Write High-Converting (And *Gasp* FUN) Copy For
Your Ecommerce Checkout Flow

Date: August 15, 2017 Author:
Lianna Patch

The great thing about all ecommerce platforms whether you use
Shopify or others, is that they always come with default
settings and standard placeholders for the checkout process.
They certainly work, but could it be better? You bet. This
resource challenges you to think within the context of your
customers to add appropriate copy and enhance the experience
for your customers. Yes, copy and messaging do matter – and
although it’s great to fidget with colors, layouts, and imagery
(which are all important) the copy is as much part of the “user
experience” as the website theme. Lianna goes in depth in this
post about where you can improve your copy, how to think from
your users’ perspectives, and ideas you can use to test and
improve your checkout flow. Naturally, it’s an easy read and
quite funny too.

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How We Created the Conor McGregor “F You” Suits in Ten
Days and Made $23,000 in Our First Week

Date: August 24, 2017 Author:
Nathan Resnick

Well, if the last post didn’t get you giggling, then this one
might. If you’re a bit squeamish about the 7-dirty-words crowd,
you may want to skip this one. This is an amazing case study of
how Nathan turned a viral post from the Conor McGregor vs Floyd
Mayweather press conference into an ecommerce phenomenon. Let’s
just say the project didn’t last more than 10 rounds at the
end, but the process was interesting and you can draw some
inspiration on how fast you can turn an idea into reality.

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How Facebook Ads Really Work: Facebook Advertising

Date: August 4, 2017 Author:
Michael Taylor

Ever wondered how Facebook Ads really work? Well, it’s so
complex that no one person, not even Zuckerberg himself, may
know all the intricacies since the Facebook Ad platform is
based on machine learning algorithms and is constantly
evolving. However, even some basic insight will make you a more
informed advertiser on the platform. Michael presents his
interpretation of how Facebook Ads work through his $25M+ in ad
spend – a lot of it is intuitive and makes a lot of sense. If
you do any Facebook Advertising, this is a must read.

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How To Boost eCommerce Sales With Upselling

Date: August 11, 2017 Author:
Tommy Walker

There’s only three ways to make more money as an ecommerce
merchant: get more customers, increase your conversion rate, or
increase the amount a customer spends. In the last category,
you can increase the amount a customer spends by cross-selling,
bundling, or up-selling – and yes, they are different.
Upselling is convincing a customer to buy a higher priced item
as opposed to selling something else or bundling it with other
items. In this post, Tommy from ConversionXL illustrates the
methods, mindsets, and examples of how to increase the average
order value by upselling.

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Small Business Recordkeeping 101: A Guide for Ecommerce

Date: August 11, 2017 Author:
Bryce Warnes

We get it, accounting and recordkeeping wasn’t the reason you
started an ecommerce business. But as with any business, good
recordkeeping can get you out of trouble with the IRS and help
you operate your business efficiently – it can even save you
money. This guest post from Bryce Warnes of Bench, the online
bookkeeping service, is our guide to help you improve your
recordkeeping hygiene and give you rules on what to keep and
what you can toss out (and when). As with anything that
pertains to accounting or taxes, make sure to consult a
qualified professional in your local area as specific
requirements may vary based on your particular circumstance.

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For Sale

Seoul Treat

Date: August, 2017 Author:
Nicolas B.

The store that we picked for the “For Sale” category this month
is in the food and drink industry and is listed at $15,000.
Walk into any convenience or grocery store in Korea and you
will suddenly realize that the vast selection of snacks and
food are hard to find outside of Asia. This well designed site
has not only proven that there is a demand for Korean snacks
outside of Seoul, but that people will purchase them online and
in a subscription box format. Take a look at the competition
and variety of subscription boxes out there and see if this
opportunity suits your taste.

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This concludes our roundup of relevant news, tools and
resources for the month of August. Take time to explore some of
these highlights and share them with your friends or colleagues
in the ecommerce community. We’re constantly looking for new
updates and topics of conversation in this ever-changing
industry so make sure to stay tuned for next month’s roundup.
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