In our latest roundup of the best ecommerce resources we’re
bringing you some of the most noteworthy updates from the
biggest players in the ecommerce industry. As always, the
purpose of these monthly roundup posts is to bring you news you
can use to stay more informed, helpful resources and guides to
improve your businesses and some interesting topics to think
about or share with others. If you’ve missed them, be sure to
check out our April, May and June resource roundups
for more interesting and helpful ecommerce resources.

This month we’ve seen a huge announcement from Shopify
regarding checkout page domains, Printful’s expanding their
service to include a European fulfillment centre, Facebook has
announced even more advertisement real estate and Snapchat’s
finally caught up to Instagram and now allows users to add
links to snaps. In terms of resources we’ve included an article
debunking SEO myths, a motivational piece on reverse
engineering a successful lifestyle business and a massive post
rounding up ecommerce strategies for growing brands worth 1

Finally, we leave you off with a inspirational video about Elon
Musk and the challenges he’s persevered through to grow several
successful businesses.

Let’s jump into our roundup of the best ecommerce resources for
the month of July!
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Ecommerce News

Google Analytics Will Soon Be Able to Answer Questions
in Plain English

Date: July 20, 2017 Author:
Patricio Robles

Wondering what Google does with all that Artificial
Intelligence and “Machine Learning” technology that they are so
invested in? Well, it’s not just for self-driving cars and
generating better search results, they’re also using it in
other applications like Google Analytics. If you have found
Google Analytics a bit unwieldy, then this is for you. Pretty
soon, you’ll be able to ask Google Analytics questions in plain
english instead of hunting for and picking (and sometimes
building) the right report. For example, imagine if you typed
“How many users did we get yesterday?” and Google Analytics
responded with the correct answer in front of you! Look out for
this rolling out in your GA reports soon.

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Shopify Adding eBay as a Sales Channel for

Date: July 13, 2017 Author:
Darrell Etherington

We’ve reported many times here in our monthly roundups all the new
channels that Shopify is helping you integrate with so you can
access new distribution opportunities. This month, Shopify
announced a new channel with eBay coming to you in the Fall.
This makes it easier than ever to also sell your items on eBay.
Not only does it allow you to list your products in your very
own eBay Store, it also imports all the messages from eBay into
Shopify too. Make sure to go sign up for updates on Shopify’s eBay page so
you’re in the know as this sales channel becomes available.

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Introducing Checkout On Your Own Domain

Date: July 14, 2017 Author:
Richard Btaiche

Here’s another update from Shopify, and this one pertains to
the infamous “checkout page” on Shopify. If you’ve been in the
Shopify community for a while, lots of people have requested
and asked if it was possible to customize the checkout page URL
to be on your own domain. Well, our requests have been answered
and Shopify has announced that all checkout pages will be on
their respective domains.

So instead of the “” URL that both
you and customers typically see, the entire checkout process
can now occur on your own domain! The best part, since most
updated checkout page features are reserved for Shopify Plus
merchants, this new feature will be available to all Shopify
merchants. This will automatically change without any effort,
so keep an eye on your checkout page and see if it switched to
the new feature!

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Introducing the New Merchant Overview

Date: July 31, 2017 Author:
Shannon Gallagher

Where is your traffic coming from? What are your top performing
products? How are your marketing campaigns performing? All of
these questions and more are now more easily managed, compared
and reviewed in your Shopify Dashboard with the new merchant
overview dashboard updates. Compare your store’s data and spot
trends, not only for one of your sales channel but all of them
if you’re a multi-channel merchant, and all merchants can
easily compare data across time periods, such a this week over
last week, so you always have a bird’s eye view with what’s
happening in your store. Use the new informative charts for a
way to visually gauge your store’s performance and the metrics
that matter to you without having to search for the data. Data
is power when building and growing your store and Shopify just
made it even easier to measure.

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Printful’s Next Chapter: We’re Expanding to

Date: July 31, 2017 Author:
Nora Inveiss

This is a huge announcement from Printful and one that’s likely
going to be well received not only by their current customers
but also future ones. One of the biggest pain points for
entrepreneurs in the t-shirt drop shipping space was lack of a
reputable dropshipper that could service the European market,
and now Printful’s bringing their amazing service and reputable
name across the pond to solve that pain point. While Printful’s
service could already reach international customers, having a
fulfillment centre based in Europe is going to make it easier
for European entrepreneurs to access Printful’s products and
for Printful’s current customers to reach their European
audience. To learn more about which of their products are
available in their European fulfillment centre, shipping
details, Value Added Tax (VAT), currency and other helpful
tips, check out the full article.

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Facebook is going to start showing everyone ads in

Date: July 11, 2017 Author:
Alex Heath

Facebook ads are getting more and more expensive due to the “ad
load” limit. Simply put, Facebook is starting to run out of
advertising inventory for the increasingly growing number of
advertisers on their platform in their main ad placements like
the News Feed. To combat this, Facebook is trying to expand
into more areas on their platform for advertisers to get their
message in front of users. We saw this same situation happen
with mobile, Instagram, and video ads.

Now advertisers like you can also put your ads within Facebook
Messenger, an extension of Facebook with over 1 billion users
in itself! This is definitely a placement you want to test
carefully, and if you have explored Facebook Messenger for
customer service, or with a chatbot, this might be a new
opportunity to reach users in a unique way.

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You Can Now Link to Websites on Snapchat, Which Is Good
News for Brands and Publishers

Date: July 5, 2017 Author:
Marty Swant

Remember Snapchat? It’s having a tough time ever since
Facebook/Instagram have pretty much copied all their main
features. But Snapchat hasn’t given up yet – in this new
feature release, users can now attach a link to a Snap with
their “Paperclip” feature. Finally, there’s a way to close the
loop from engagement on Snapchat to driving traffic and
visitors to your website – something Instagram only allows for
their verified users in Instagram Story. If you have a strong
Snapchat following, give this a test. Or, find influencers on
Snapchat that can now drive traffic (not just engagements) to
your online store.

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Facebook Groups for Pages: Cut Through the

Date: July 28, 2017 Author:
Jon Loomer

In typical “Jon Loomer” fashion, Jon not only helps us keep up
to date on new features from Facebook but also shows us
step-by-step on how to implement them. You can now create
“Facebook Groups” that are associated with your Facebook Page.

Why does this matter? First, it makes it easier to discover
your brand’s officially linked Facebook Groups. Secondly, you
can now post a message from the Page identity instead of just
the user to communicate more effectively from the brand rather
than from “John” (the intern).

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Ecommerce Resources

6 of the Biggest Misconceptions About Ecommerce

Date: July 6, 2017 Author:
Ron Dod

One of the biggest challenges of SEO for ecommerce is to not
only know what to do, but what NOT to do. This comprehensive
break down helps you understand some of the common myths and
misconceptions about SEO with examples and plain-english
explanations. Although it doesn’t give you any shortcuts to
building your organic search, it will definitely steer you in
the right direction to break some commonly held myths about SEO
so you can start focusing on things that matter – like building

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Reverse Engineering A Successful Lifestyle Business:
Here’s Everything I’ve Learned From Reading

Date: July 18, 2017 Author:
Thomas Boogaerts

For many of you, creating a successful lifestyle business is
part of the reason why you started an ecommerce business. In
your pursuit, you’ve probably read lots of blogs, books and
even sought advice from other entrepreneurs. This post from
Thomas, summarized and ranked all the quotes, resources and
advice from – a site dedicated to a community
of entrepreneurs to share their stories (think of it like
Medium but for entrepreneurs). Bookmark this page when you need
inspiration, book recommendations, or motivation!

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Write in Your Authentic Voice: How to Brand Your Copy
Across Your Entire Ecommerce Marketing and Sales

Date: July 9, 2017 Author:
Lianna Patch

We all know it’s important, but we can’t quite put a measurable
value on it: the consistency of your “brand voice” is evident
from your website to your marketing to your emails. This guide
from Conversio, helps you understand all the different touch
points where copywriting and voice/tone matters and how to
ensure that it is consistent across the board. Also, if you
don’t have all these touch-points that Lianna suggests, it’s
also a good checklist of things to implement on your ecommerce

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33 Ecommerce Strategies for Growth from 12 $1M+ Brands
[18 Must Have Tools Included]

Date: July, 2017 Author:
Tracey Wallace

This post is a big one and it has so many insights it could
have easily been 33 different posts. If you ever wanted the
best ecommerce growth strategies from hundreds of successful
ecommerce brands, then this post is for you. Tracey Wallace
summarized all the growth advice from over 252 ecommerce brands
and distilled it down to the best 33 strategies that you can
learn from and implement. Scroll through the table of content
at the top and find the one that’s relevant to you or, read the
whole thing. It’s definitely worth the time.

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How to Start a Clothing Line: Your Complete Guide to
Design, Sampling, Production & Packaging

Date: July 24, 2017 Author:
Richard Lazazzera

This post from one of our very own, Richard Lazazzera, is one
of our most comprehensive guides yet. If you’re interested in
starting a clothing line, this guide is definitively a go-to
resource. It walks you through not only how to design and
create samples but also the various production methods and how
to package garments for your future customers. Whether you’re
looking to start with a very minimal budget (less than $1000),
wanting to build your own custom cut and sew clothing line (if
you have the financial means) or if you’re interested in
finding a low-cost way to get started in creating a clothing
brand, read this guide and let us know what you think!

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For Sale

The Bark Co.

Date: July, 2017 Seller:
Rafael R.

In our second month featuring a store from the Shopify
Exchange, we bring you The Bark Co. This superbly designed
website in the “Pets” category has a recent uptick in revenue.
They feature dog accessories that are handmade in Barcelona,
Spain along with suppliers and vendors from around the world.
In addition to their full website this listing also comes with
their official Instagram page with over 11K followers. Pets is
a growing category in ecommerce and this company is listed for
$175,000 USD. If you are interested in this opportunity or
others, you can contact the seller directly on Shopify

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Elon Musk When He Proved Everyone Wrong

Date: July, 2017 Seller:
Startup Division

Now to leave you with a bit of inspiration. You probably know
who Elon Musk is, but his story is remarkable; not only because
of what he has achieved with Tesla and SpaceX, but the fact
that he pushed through some of the most difficult times with
his businesses despite the negative pundits and criticisms from
skeptics. Inevitably, every entrepreneurial journey faces both
highs and lows, just remember this video and story about Elon
Musk and hopefully it motivates you to drive through your most
challenging times as well.

Watch the Video
entrepreneurial journey faces both highs and lows, just remember
this video and story about Elon Musk and hopefully it motivates
you to drive through your most challenging times as
well.Click To