Can you believe there’s only 3 months left in 2017? I feel like this year has disappeared into one big Magento 2 blur.

The long-awaited Magento 2.2 landed this month. All of Fooman Magento 2 extensions have been tested as M2.2 compatible. Updates are available in our hosted Composer repositories or as a download from our website.

Magento’s Innovations Lab
It’s a few weeks old but well worth mentioning in case anyone missed it. Basically, Magento will be selecting 8 cool Magento 2 projects to be featured and get a ton of publicity (as long as it runs, is customer facing and is not vapour-ware you can submit it). You have until October 20 to submit your project. Read more if this sounds like you.

Have a great month!

Upgrading Magento 2 with Extensions
Magento has documentation available on how to upgrade to a newer version of Magento, including using the Web Setup Wizard. However, the guides are a bit light on details when you are also using extensions for Magento that also need to get updated at the same time.

This month’s quick tip talks you through a few common scenarios when upgrading Magento 2 with extensions, and how to decipher the messages coming from Composer that you might run into.

Magento 2 – PHP Development Best Practices
Gabriel Somoza shared his slide deck on PHP Development Best Practices with Magento 2. The focus is on do’s and dont’s for people looking to get a jump-start on Magento 2 development. Read more.

Messing Up Dependency Injection
Continuing with the slide desk theme, Yireo’s Jisse has shared his pretty cool presentation from Meet Magento Belgium. His DI lessons? Don’t use helpers, depend on interfaces, and try to keep dependencies to a minimum. Read more.

Proper Magento 2 Composer Setup
Using Composer right is SO important in Magento 2. Juan Alonso’s guest blog offers some great tips on getting the basics right. Read more.