How to Make Your Own T-Shirt Designs Using Creative Market

Your t-shirts need unique designs to make them stand out to
your customers, but that does not necessarily mean that you
need to hire a designer. In today’s day and age you have other
options and one of your best options is to make your own
t-shirt designs using Creative Market.
Not only does the site allow you to skip the hassle of finding
and hiring a good designer, but it does so while offering a
broad selection of design assets at lower prices than
other similar sites. This useful platform makes the
process of creating your t-shirt designs simpler and cheaper,
while still looking like it was done by a professional

What is Creative Market?

Creative Market is a site that allows designers to sell their
creations while helping you find the perfect design assets for
whatever you need. It is a single platform that carries a wide
range of design assets, but as a t-shirt creator you’ll
probably be the most interested in their selection of photos,
graphics, fonts and t-shirt mockups. Whether you’re
designing graphic tees or text-based t-shirts, this
site gives you the flexibility to create either, or both.

Plus, you are not necessarily limited to exactly what you see
on display. Buy and combine multiple images, or an image and a
font, to create something truly your own. Or, if you have even
a basic knowledge of Photoshop, it is simple to buy a design and
then make a few adjustments. Maybe that shape should be
red instead of green, or that font could use a drop shadow. The
site currently carries over a million designs, making the
possibilities virtually endless.

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Design Without the Designer

Using Creative Market can be just as good as hiring a
professional designer, if not better. Even when you like a
designer’s portfolio, you can never be sure what it’ll be
like to work with them. There’s no guarantee that a designer is
able to put onto paper what you see in your head, or that
they can meet your deadlines.

On the other hand, if you see a great design on Creative
Market, you can just buy it right there and then. You get
exactly what you want, instantly, and it’s ready to use. Many
of the site’s designers offer bundles, so if you find someone
with a style you really like you can get a whole collection of
their work for a discounted price. It’s like having a
professional on retainer, except every project is
already finished.

Competitive Pricing

The graphics you’ll find on this site are competitively priced.
Designers are competing with each other to sell you their
designs, and you can often find amazing work at bafflingly low
prices. Even though many of the designers on the site are very
talented, they haven’t yet reached the stage in their career
where they can find steady work, so as a result, they do not
have the luxury of charging what a professional designer would
charge for their design assets. Their designs are priced to
sell. Besides, a designer on Creative Market can sell the same
image a thousand times, whereas a professional sells the rights
to an image only one time.

A Word of Caution: Since the design assets on
Creative Market are available for an unlimited amount of people
to purchase, you run the risk of creating the same or similar
design as someone else. This may not be a huge problem,
especially if you’re mixing and matching different design
elements together to create your own custom design, but it’s
worth keeping in mind.

Flexible Licensing

As mentioned above, the prices on Creative Market are very low
already but to make that deal even better most designs
come with multiple licensing options
at different price points, too. If you are just starting out,
or want to test out a few t-shirt designs before
committing to anything, you can buy a graphic under a standard
license. Many bundles offer upward of thirty graphics,
textures, patterns, and fonts under this license for between
$10 and $20. This license allows you to sell products using the
images, as long as you do not sell more than 500 units. If you
know you are going to sell more than 500 units, they have an
extended license, for only $60, which allows unlimited sales.

Bonus Perks

Creative Market is an appealing service that offers some
exciting free extras. They offer six free designs every week,
so if you see one you like you can get your t-shirt designed
without paying a penny. The site has a blog, which
is mostly geared toward designers, but does have some
helpful articles on the topic of starting a business. There are
even a couple specifically about creating a t-shirt business.
Finally, the site offers a community forum where other
users can help you with any questions you may have. This can be
helpful, especially to see what others are doing and get some
new inspiration for your own projects.

Other Uses

The main use for Creative Market is to find high quality
design assets for your t-shirts business but while you’re
at it the site does have more to offer. If you don’t have
a logo for your store that looks as good as your shirts,
you can fix that without leaving
the site. You may even want custom business cards if
your business really starts to take off. If you plan on doing
any designs for your shirts yourself, you can take advantage of
the tools sold on the site including brushes and layer styles. Speaking of
which, if you are talented enough to create your own designs,
you could always think about opening your own shop on the
site and selling some of your own designs.

Try It For Yourself

If you don’t already have designs for your t-shirts then
there’s no question that you should at least take a look at
Creative Market.
Looking at a designer’s portfolio does not always tell you how
the final product will turn out but with Creative Market, the
portfolio and the final product are one and the same. There is
even a sister site, Made with Creative Market, that showcases
successful products created using the site. If you want to see
how the end result would turn out, or just need some
information, it is worth a look. At the very least, check out
this week’s free designs. There’s a small chance you will be
able to just skip the design step all together!