Smart One Step Checkout 1.1 for Magento 2 has been released. The new features of the extension make the checkout process even faster and more comfortable and allow customers to purchase products using different means of payment. Check the following beneficial features:

  • Integration with Aheadworks extensions 
    Allow customers to use reward points, gift card codes, and store credits on the checkout page and offer them a broad chance to make purchases in any way they like.
  • Countries preselected by customer IPs
    Enable customers to select their countries from the list autodetected by the extension’s GeoIP functionality instead of manual typing and make the checkout much faster.
  • Google Places address suggestions 
    Provide customers with the autocomplete address suggestions functionality considerably saving their time during the checkout.
Take a closer look at the new benefits able to persuade your visitors to pay more attention to the improved extension and make their purchases.

Visit the product page to get more information on the above functions.


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