Fortis – Responsive Magento Theme

Fortis 2 is fully responsive Magento theme with dozens of features and hundreds of customization possibilities, suitable for every type of products. It was designed with focus on user experience an.....

Magento Themes, one of the most powerful and flexible eCommerce platforms available today was built on open-source technology using the Zend PHP Framework. Being full-featured and easy to use, Magento themes give you the ability to create and customize your sites like a professional. Magento has business user tools which enhance productivity by speeding up build up time. This platform was created with the purpose of smooth navigation, heightened user engagements, conversion rates and overall revenue generation.

Magento Themes come complete with everything required to run a fully functional online store, from marketing to sales, customer engagement/interaction as well as product management. Magento has it all and being open-source it has one other edge; it’s transparent, and mostly free. This reduces cost for any shop/potential shop owner tremendously and provides access to cutting-edge and user friendly technology. With Magento themes you can fully modify and control your customer experience virtually from every aspect. This is because using Magento is relatively easy once you get a grip of its basic principles.

At the moment there are two editions of Magento available. There is the Magento Community Edition which is free to download without and monetary commitments, and there is the Magento Enterprise Edition which has an annual subscription fee and definitely a few more features than the community edition. Both editions give you the ability to create your fully functional eCommerce site and the freedom and flexibility to try out the community edition before deciding if you’d like to up to the enterprise edition or not.

The Magento Community Edition has a rich set of features which make it a gold-mine on its own. A list of which include but aren’t limited to site administration which includes multilingual support among others, seo optimization, marketing and promotion, catalog management and everything that comes with that, order management, user experience, checkout, customer accounts, customer service, an extensive set of analytics and reporting features, and hundreds of others, all available to you at the click of a button.

Succintly put, Magento themes are well equipped to accomplish the many multi-layered tasks associated with running an online store. Magento is clean, responsive, and can be run without the huge amount of money usually associated with acquiring a solution like this. Magento was launched in March 2008 by Roy Rubin of Varien Inc.