Journal – Advanced Opencart Theme

Journal is the ultimate OpenCart theme with best in class features and more than 2000 editable options giving you total control over your store. Journal can be as simple and clean or as complex and co.....

Freely available under the GNU, OpenCart is a PHP-based online store management system. Open-source and free, OpenCart users enjoy the payment of zero monthly fees as well as free downloads and updates. This platform also provides support for numerous languages and currencies. It’s like a haven for the businessman and online store owner.

OpenCart themes exist in a marketplace which supports thousands of modules and style options which help to easily manage products, customers, taxes, orders, coupon codes and much more; everything you would need to build or expand your store functionality. With eye-catching themes for most any sector as well as the most renowned, tested and trusted payment gateways and global shipping options available to its users, OpenCart is the place to be for businesses of this century.

With free and dedicated support you can rely on, OpenCart lends it’s abilities to well over 342,000 corporations and small businesses all over the world. That is no small feat. There’s also easy to find resources available to assist the average user; like detailed OPenCart documentation, community forums with available and easy to reach experts, developers and a  Github bug tracker. Features include an administrator dashboard with a full overview of all important information, settings which allow you set advanced user privileges and separate access for certain groups as well as the ability to manage multiple stores from one interface i.e one administrator, multiple stores, all under one umbrella.

Pictures speak volumes where words cannot, and cut across language barriers in a world where there are many. OpenCart makes it easy to update a virtual presence of your products, edit them as well as create categories which make them easy to locate in your store all in front of a beautiful background which communicates with the customer all on its own.

Created to encourage and entice website visitors, OpenCart themes are designed with the customer in mind thereby integrating easy navigation and responsiveness to its designs so they are easy to use and adaptable to different screens and mobile devices. OpenCart is easy to install and its themes aren’t difficult to set up, customize or manage from the dashboard. Customer engagement is seamless and there is easy help along the way.

Originally developed by Christopher G. Mann in 1998, OpenCart was first released to the public in May of 1999.