5 Extraordinary Shopify Sports Themes for your Sports Gear website

Sports is a very important part of our lives, and they guarantee good health and a lot of enjoyment. We have a wide variety of sports activities to choose the most engaging and the best-suited bustle according to our interest. To many of us, these activities are not just a part of our recreation, but also our business interest.

With people living a sedentary lifestyle surrounded by a concrete jungle nowadays, many of us wish to take up one or more sports activities to keep ourselves fit. The positive influence of sports on our health is well-known and hence many of us hit the gym, visit swimming pools, sports clubs, Joggers Park, etc. regularly. These health benefits of sports and increasing opportunities to choose different sports as a career are constantly increasing the number of people who are engaging themselves in some sports. To cater to this step demand, there is a steep rise in the number of online sports stores.

Shopify sports themes can help you to set up your very own online shopping website. It enables you to setup and quickly hosts your sport’s website quickly without the need to code and understand the backend functionality. Shopify has streamlined the complete process of setting up an online sports store by proposing different varieties of sports themes for different sports and their associated requirements.

Shopify sports themes have considerably eased the process of establishing the elementary settings for your website and customizing it as per your business needs.  It has custom made sports themes for enabling you to create your very own unique website. These responsive and multifunctional Shopify themes are sure to attract visitors to your proposals. You have a choice of a variety of color and designs to choose one according to your portfolio.

Shopify is a one stop terminus for all sport theme needs!

Here we have five most popular Shopify Sports Themes for your Sports Store website.

Extreme Sports Shopify Theme:   Extreme Sports fans are always in search of something new and exciting and nothing less than adventure fascinates them. Any extreme sport be it rock climbing, winter sports, surfing, etc. requires secure clothing and stuff. To provide our campaigners with everything they require, we provide you with a template made especially for our extreme sports enthusiasts. This theme is sure to make every sports store website vibrant and adventurous. This theme is provided with a large slider at the top and several placards with an active call to action which is sure to grab user’s attention. The easy customization option of this theme will let you give your website a bold look and feel. This theme is priced at a nominal cost of $139 only.

Some of the attractive features of this theme are:

  1. On-line chat

  2. Admin Panel

  3. Responsive

  4. Blog

  5. Multi-language support

  6. Cross-browser Compatibility


Expression Shopify Sports Theme: This theme is given cool blue and turquoise hues to give it a relaxed, trendy image to be liked by all the water sports lovers. This is a responsive theme which has an excellent display on almost every device. The expression Ocean theme is available in 4 styles.

  • Innovate

  • Oxford

  • Naturale

  • Ocean

This theme is available for both coders and non-coders and allow them to develop a stylish website within a short span of time. This theme comes with a price tag of $150. Some of the unique features of this theme are:

  1. 150+ customization options

  2. Feature-rich homepage

  3. Sidebar advertising

  4. Easy-to-use navigation drop-down menus.


Tennis Accessories Shopify Theme: This theme is built in a dark tone with intense yellow bars giving a distinct aesthetic appeal. This theme is compatible with almost all the devices and browsers. The theme has a very developer-friendly code to assist you to build an online sport’s store of your choice. The theme is reasonable priced at $139. Some of the important features of this theme are:

  1. On-line chat

  2. Admin panel

  3. Google web fonts

  4. 100 responsive themes

  5. Blog

  6. Online Store/Shop


Activ Shopify Sports Theme: This newly introduced Shopify theme is perfect for SEO and social media driven marketing campaigns. The vibrant and energetic feel of this website theme is sure to impress anyone surfing this website. The theme allows full-on branding of your logo. The dynamic homepage images are perfect to clearly showcase your products to your clients. The easy customization of the homepage is like a cherry on the cake. This responsive, retina ready theme can be easily shared on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, etc. The Activ theme comes with a price tag of $180. Some of the most exclusive features of this theme are:

  1. Add your brandings

  2. Full-screen images

  3. Homepage setup

  4. Navigation

  5. Fully responsive

  6. Retina ready


Sports Store Shopify Theme: This is a feature-rich, and responsive Shopify theme comes with a mega menu for a stress-free navigation. The energetic and vibrant use of colors and designs binds the sports person to explore your website and buy their favorite stuff from here. It also has a special product slider that comes along with banners to provide eminence to your superior products. The clean and sharp product block will make sure that nothing can befuddle your customers from your offerings. The all exclusive, dynamic counters of this vibrant Shopify store let the owners collect all the impressive statistics. This sports store Shopify theme is provided with a pre-designed newsletter form. The special social media knack allows you to fortify your social presence. Some of the attractive features of this theme are:

  1. Stress free navigation

  2. Responsive

  3. On-line chat

  4. Dynamic counters


All of these themes are specially designed for sports gear websites. Choose the one that suits you most and watch your website flourish.