Powering more than 24% of the World Wide Web and growing still, it has been said that WordPress is limited only by your imagination. This is because being an Open Source project, WordPress has hundreds of people from around the world working on it and it can be used for free. This has caused it to grow into the largest self-hosted blogging tool available and used by millions of people on millions of websites.

Wordpress themes allow users install templates and switch from one theme to another, changing the look and functionality of their website at will, previewing and understanding which theme best fits their design and client needs. Built with compatibility in mind, WordPress themes come 100% responsive, adaptable to different modern browsers and operating systems. With the use of its numerous themes, plugins, widgets and other features, WordPress has become a fully efficient content management system with a live forum for support and engagement of its many users.

The following are a few of the features WordPress users love and just can’t do without:

  • Ease: WordPress is downright easy to use. Easy to understand, absolutely user-friendly, and posts can be published on the go. Themes can be changed and customized over and over without changing the overall content of the website. There is nothing complex about WordPress.
  • Flexible: With themes that can be used for writer blogs, government websites, news coverage, personal portfolios, complex or simple, WordPress themes are as flexible as you need them to be.
  • Tools: WordPress is home to an array of tools which help users get published and get it done well. Publications can be scheduled, saved and not published, previewed, edited, trashed and recovered, made public or private and even secured. The tools are available to get work done and they usually work as advertised.
  • Media System: With WordPress themes it is easy to drag and drop or upload and use media(pictures, videos, gifs and more) from the library, resize, edit, caption or title, use to create a gallery or just save in there for future use. One picture can sometimes achieve what a hundred words cannot and so media is very important to WordPress and to its users.
  • Multilingual: WordPress themes are built in over 70 languages, so it’s easy to build in English or some other language to suit users and customers alike.
  • Admin Access: You decide who has access to your website back-end and front-end with the user management system available.

As good as these sound, they are only a few of the features available to millions of WordPress users.