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A wedding is a special thing. A day when memories are created; memories not to be forgotten. And just as choosing a wedding dress, location, cake and song are important, so is choosing the right website theme to save and display this wonderful experience for friends and family on the internet. Wordpress wedding themes have all of the features you would need for such a project. They are also affordable if you’re on a budget; quite a number are even free.

Made simple and easy to manage, these wordpress wedding themes can be used by wedding photographers, wedding event organisers, and even the couple themselves. They are designed to tell your wedding story and you decide where it starts and where it ends. It can end at the wedding, or your story can continue to include such fun moments and milestones as birthdays, anniversaries, childbirth, and much more. It doesn’t have to expire; your site can grow as you grow. With highly customized features as multiple pages, sliders, the ability to create online invitations, galleries, layout styles and colour schemes, Wordpress wedding themes add a layer of fun to the journey, preparation and everything after in a beautiful and professional manner.

Your website can be private and conservative, or it can be public and shout it from the rooftops loud, it’s up to you. With Wordpress wedding themes you’ll surely find a fit. Their flexibility enable you share important details with your audience, like fun attendees, how you met, the proposal, all at your own time and pace; you could create a countdown to the Dday and involve as many people as you want, if you enjoy writing stories you could blog about the wedding, keep friends and family updated on all plans, they could even receive the updates in their email. RSVP and a guestbook are important and made simple to manage with Wordpress wedding themes, you can also create maps to the location, share videos and pictures, even embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo; everything you would need to document your picture perfect story. Your wedding is probably the most important day of your life. Wordpress wedding themes can help you keep it that way.

Example of Wordpress wedding themes you could use include Wedding, Ever After, Forever, and Lovebirds.