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Gorgeous, modern and neat are the things appear in your mind at the first sight of our new theme. Bella Store comes with eye catching design and clean code structure. Also, 4 homepage layouts styles and multiple color themes bring you many choices for setting up your favorite online stores. This theme will be the perfect choice for Fashion Store, Bags Store, Gift Shop, Jewelry shop, Furniture Store, Cosmetic shop, etc. Venus Bella is designed to be the best solution for a powerful Magento store. Moreover, it’s integrated all outstanding features such as: great Layer Slideshow Module including 100+ Animation and JQuery Effect, Google Fonts, Powerful Mega menu, Blog module, quick view product, tree menu module, off canvas, RTL language ready… These features help you boost sales without purchasing the third party – extensions. Having been built on Venus framework version 2.0 and bootstrap version 3.0, this theme will make your site always look awesome on any kind of screen: laptop, Iphone, Ipad, tablets. Besides, Live Theme Editor, Auto loading custom css files support you create unlimited of theme profiles without coding. Let’s explore more feature, we ensure that you find the best demo for your online store

* This theme is compatiable with Magento 1.9.x !!!! * Please give us your review. If you love it !!!!

Core Features:

The theme comes up with tons of great features, here are just some of theme

1. Fully Responsive Beautiful, optimize and well-structured in all devices

2.Megamenu & mobile menu Make your menu be display powerfully and flexibly

3. Multiple color themes 3 color themes supported by default, 1 click to change

4. 8 + extensions (9 modules) Save you time and money to build a full functionality ecommerce site

5.Layerslider Beatiful effect, easy to customize

6. Quickview product view and buy product quickly

7. Live theme customization Easily customize your theme in real time without coding

8.Multilingual & RTL ready Use Megashop in any language or multilingual or RTL

9. SEO optimized Your site is friendly with all search engines

10. New web technology Your site is powered with: Bootstrap 3, Font awesome 4, SASS, HTML5, CSS3

What you will have?

  • Get all modules are used in the demo
  • All Themes And Skins for Magento 1.9.x
  • Quickstart package having magento of latest version + datasample +modules +themes. By using this to create a site like 100% demo
  • PSD
  • Full Userguides

Template Features

  • Compatible with Magento 1.8.x and 1.9.x
  • Support Wide Screen 1170px, 980px
  • Built In Venus Theme Framework 2 and Bootstrap 3
  • No Hacking Core Magento Codes
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Support
  • Full Responsive Theme
  • Google Fonts
  • Eeasy control theme such as skin changer, font-changer, modules – position via Control Panel Module
  • Easy Use and Easy Customize As great for customwork
  • Support Add Custom Javascript, Css, Change Background
  • [NEW]Improved Awesome Font
  • [New] Off Canvas Menu and SideBars Support , Display Very nice on Handhelds and Easy to customize
  • [New] Support Multiple Zoom types: Basic Zoom, Inner Zoom, Lens Zoom, Gallery Slider Zoom, Basic Gallery Zoom
  • [New] Quick Popup Zoom Image In Product Listing
  • [New] Support Display Sale Label for Listing Products and Product Detail, In Module Carousel…
  • [New] Support SASS Development
  • [New] Implemented Quickview Feature
  • [New] Live Theme Edtior to create unlimited Theme Skins Without Coding
  • [New] Support Adding Custom Css and JS Code In Theme Control Module
  • [New] Support Css Compression to improve Site performence
  • [New] Easy install datasample, theme, modules on existed store
  • [New] Integrate Blog Module
  • [New] Integrate Brand Module
  • [NEW] Integrated Mega Menu Module With Lightweight Megamenu Editor Tool
  • [New] Integrate Product Carousel Module
  • [New] Integrate Tabs Home Module
  • [New] Integrate Layer Slider Module
  • [New] Integrate Tree Menu Module
  • [New] Integrate Auto Suggestion Search Module
  • [New] Support Google Map And Custom Content On Contact Page
  • Template support for Jquery Effects.
  • Valid XHTML and CSS markup
  • Fully compatible IE8+, Firefox 2+, Firefox 3, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5, Chrome. 

Support Ways

  • Email Support:
  • Helpdesk Ticket

Change Logs

October 8, 2015

  • Updated megamenu off canvas
  • update extensions: ves_autosearch, ves temcp, ves megamenu, ves verticalmenu
  • Updated there files:
    /skin/frontend/ves_bella/default/css/skins/orange/styles.css /skin/frontend/ves_bella/default/css/rtl/bootstrap.css /skin/frontend/ves_bella/default/css/bootstrap.css /skin/frontend/ves_bella/default/css/styles.css /skin/frontend/ves_bella/default/sass/app/_modules.scss /skin/frontend/ves_bella/default/sass/magento/_offcanvas.scss /skin/frontend/ves_bella/default/sass/magento/_responsive.scss /skin/frontend/ves_bella/default/ves_megamenu/style.css /skin/frontend/ves_bella/cyanstore/css/skins/orange/styles.css /skin/frontend/ves_bella/cyanstore/css/rtl/bootstrap.css /skin/frontend/ves_bella/cyanstore/css/bootstrap.css /skin/frontend/ves_bella/cyanstore/css/styles.css /skin/frontend/ves_bella/cyanstore/sass/magento/_offcanvas.scss /skin/frontend/ves_bella/cyanstore/sass/magento/_responsive.scss /skin/frontend/ves_bella/christmas/css/skins/orange/styles.css /skin/frontend/ves_bella/christmas/css/rtl/bootstrap.css /skin/frontend/ves_bella/christmas/css/bootstrap.css /skin/frontend/ves_bella/christmas/css/styles.css /skin/frontend/ves_bella/christmas/sass/magento/_offcanvas.scss /skin/frontend/ves_bella/greenstore/css/skins/orange/styles.css /skin/frontend/ves_bella/greenstore/css/rtl/bootstrap.css /skin/frontend/ves_bella/greenstore/css/bootstrap.css /skin/frontend/ves_bella/greenstore/css/styles.css /skin/frontend/ves_bella/greenstore/sass/magento/_offcanvas.scss /skin/frontend/ves_bella/greenstore/sass/magento/_responsive.scss

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