$0 – $10,000 With Shopify – Case Study Day 1

7 Figure Academy 30 day training series: http://bit.ly/1TqLg7d

Lets go on one of the best journeys together! From $0 to $10k
in a brand new Shopify niche? Can I do it?

About the project: I’ve decided since I’ve had a great amount
of Shopify I wanted to venture out of my ‘comfort zone’ and
travel into another niche. Trying to break $10,000 profit in 30
days starting from scratch.

I want to document and help as many people as I possibly can.
Time is money and I gain nothing from you watching this. So if
you can please share this with your friends and other
struggling eCommerce store owners that would be worth the time
of me making this video.

Essentially I am here to help those that thought this was never
possible. Its time to dominate…

Take 100 little steps and it will add up to 10 big leaps.

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