AliBonus – 3 Easy Steps To Increase Your Shopify Store Income By 8.25% For FREE In Just 60 Seconds!

Hello Dropshippers!

Need an easy way to boost your profits on your Shopify store?
Well if you’re Dropshipping from AliExpress you’re in for a
treat. In only 3 easy steps you can now boost your Shopify
store’s profit by 8.25% without doing virtually no extra work!

Step 1 – Go to :
& signup (Only 10 seconds to do it 🙂 )
Step 2 – Download the Browser Extension!
Step 3 – Start Shopping & Profit!

An 8.25% boost in profit is HUGE, especially when you spent
just a few minutes getting everything going. If you are
spending $175 a day on AliExpress, you will be earning over
$100 a week extra, it’s literally free money!

If you are in a very competitive market, the cashback can give
you that crucial advantage to undercutting your competition and
gaining market dominance.

The meat and potatoes of this hack is a Chrome Extension that
offers 5-8.25% cash back on all of your AliExpress purchases*
called AliBonus (

AliBonus has partnered with AliExpress to create a reward
structure in which users earn more cash back based on how much
they have already earned and stored in their AliBonus account.
New users start at 5.25% and work their way up incrementally
until they max out at 8.25% cash back.

You cannot go down a level so once you reach the top level, you
can cash everything out and continue earning 8.25% cashback.

The only snag here is it that we have to wait for the purchase
protection to run out before AliExpress will confirm our orders
and issue your cash back. This normally takes 20-40 days unless
you want to go ahead and confirm the orders manually (which is
not recommended as you lose your chance to dispute the order).

You do not need to create a new AliExpress account or sign up
for any complicated affiliate programs, just visit AliBonus
(, sign up, install the
plugin, and start buying! This is great if you have multiple
stores, as they will all earn cash back.

After your orders start to get confirmed, you can then cash
out. AliBonus sends payments out every Friday.

That’s it! All you need to do is sign up for AliBonus (, download their Chrome
Extension, and then start shopping! It works overseas too!

– Boost Your Shopify Store Income By 8.25% For FREE In Just 60
Seconds Or Less!
– AliBonus – Increase Your Shopify Store Income By up to 8.25%
For FREE In 3 Easy Steps!
– AliBonus – Boost Your Shopify Store Profit By 8.25% For FREE
In 3 Easy Steps!
– AliExpress Dropshippers! AliBonus – Boost Your Shopify Store
Profit By 8.25% With AliBonus!