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About This Video:
In this video, I will be talking about the August Stocks
earnings and how the stock market earnings affected some other
companies. . We are starting our usual stock market earnings

The stock market had the following company earnings in the
month of August. These are the August stocks

Apple stock – AAPL stock symbol
Shopify stock – SHOP stock symbol
Square stock – SQ Stock symbol
Tesla stock – TSLA stock symbol
Activision Blizzard stock – ATVI stock symbol
Universal Display stock – OLED stock symbol
GoPro stock – GPRO stock symbol

Apple quarter earnings were good since it beat the EPS and
Revenue. Tesla quarter earnings were also good since it beat
the EPS and revenue. Shopify quarter earnings were very good
with both beats in eps and revenue. GoPro quarter earnings were
very good as well since it beat eps and revenue. OLED quarter
earnings were great in beating eps and revnue and Activision
blizzard quarter earnings were great once again at beating eps
and revenue. Square quarter earnings were also good but
guidance was ok, square beat eps and revenue.

Logitech announces quarter earnings and Logitech sells off
after earnings. Also, amd announces quarter earnings and amd
moves up after earnings. The stock market is irrational
specially after earnings.

Those are some of the stock earnings. In addition, there are
many factors besides stock market earnings that moves the
prices of a stock. It is very important to know that stocks
have lot of ways that can move up or down.

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