DAY 72 Shopify Q&A LIVE from Tecademics Headquarters with Intrapreneur Team Members Amber Lee & Mari

What would it feel like owning an eComm store that brings in
enough revenue that covers your entire living expenses?
Imagine if you could get an entire process to do that for you
set up right beside you, click-by-click…
Imagine how fast the results could come in if you were being
mentored by some of the biggest names in the industry who are
in the trenches, currently selling products online right
…and willing to walk you through how to set up a successful
eComm store, manage it and scale it.
Now, you can.
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member of the Entrepreneur club
It used to be extremely difficult – and costly – if you wanted
to build an eComm store from scratch.
You had to have a coder.
You had to have a web designer.
You had to create a shopping cart.
You had to do everything! which made it impossible for the
“little guy” to step in and open a shop
Now-a-days, you can set these up with minimum tech skills and
minimum investment.
That’s why I wanted to share with you this 3 extremely simple
step process to setting up your Shopify store even if you’re
not sure what you’re going to be selling yet.
This will help lay out the foundation of what to expect and
what steps to take next if you’re on the fence or just getting
started in eCommerce.
No email address required.
Get on the bus, that’s filled with bad*ss eComm entrepreneurs
and let’s shake up the market!
Access the 3 step formula here