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How to make money on Tumblr and Earn it the right way on full
autopilot. Build followers and how to monetize your Tumblr.

I’ve been working on some projects but this one I kinda forgot
about. I started 1 Tumblr a few months ago then I started
another 2 not long after but then I forgot about them. I check
them out this week and combined they have over 30,000
followers! I’ve had it sitting around posting on autopilot.

I thought well now it’s time to make some money from these
awesome social media Tumblr accounts. I started an Amazon
website then sent traffic from my Tumblr account to the website
to make commissions. I wasn;t sure how it would work out, it
was a huge success. I made $20 in the first day and not I use
qplus to automatically post my link on the account 100 times a
day. I’m now earning money with Tumblr without doing anything.

So that’s how you make money on Tumblr and it will soon become
fast. The hardest part is getting the followers so you have to
stay active. You need to post at least 100 times a day and I’ve
explained how to do this in the video. this is called
monetizing the social media account. You’re using Tumblr to
make money from the followers and it will earn you some good
money in the long run.

Best, thing about this? Once it’s all set up you can forget
about it. The money will just flow in from the Tumblr and
website. No need to post images because it’s all going to be
done for you. You could try this on other social media
platforms but I think this one will work the best.

Well, that’s how I’m making money on Tumblr right now and it
seems to be earning me some good commissions. So if you want to
have a go at making some money with Tumblr then this is the way
to do it.

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