How to create beautiful­čĺü FB ads for Shopify­čĺ░

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Have you ever wondered how to create beautiful ads for your
Shopify products you’re promoting on facebook?

Being able to grab attention Is important when you finally
start advertising on Facebook!

That’s right people will first take a look at your picture ad
before they even read your ad copy!

But the question I hear from brand newbies on shopify is “How
do I create a shopify ad that works?!”

Now there many ways to create an ad and I certainly can show
you a handful of them however on this specific #PowPow #Shopify #Episode where I was coaching my
Shopify student 👨‍🎓

How to create a Shopify ad for one his Shopify products he
wanted to promote on Facebook

If you guys have never we used

You guys are missing out because it’s FREE and you create
hundreds if not thousands of beautiful Facebook ads to promote
your Shopify products.

So on this specific video here’s what you’re going to learn

👉How to create a FB pixel for your Shopify store

👉How use to
create FaceBook ads to promote your Shopify products

👉What size your Facebook ads should be when promoting your
Shopify products to grab attention

👉 One trick that will light up your ads and instantly make your
ads pop!

👉 How to peak the visitor’s eyes by adding specific words to
the FB ad for your Shopify product

👉 and much more ­čÖé

I’m telling you now there is no other shopify coach out there
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ppl . Trust me the this the best kind of training!

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