How To Start A 6 Figure Shopify Store From Scratch Making Sales On Day 1 Social Media Marketing

Recommendation for your store, pre-launch:

Twitter: Daily, lots
Instagram: Daily, 1-2x – like, comment, follow on relevant
accounts to encourage follow backs
Facebook: Daily
Facebook Group: Create one
YouTube: Frequently, multiple times per week 1 at minimum at
this point in your store. You need content. Product reviews are
a great idea or even lifestyle blogging. Put out content that
your ideal consumer would love.
Blog: To compliment your products or YouTube style
Ebook: if applicable to compliment your product, i.e 100
fashions dos and do nots
Podcast: another way to compliment your product or brand or
Reach out to influencers, get shout outs, send them free
products in exchange for posts.
Press Release … with relevant info

Until your site is ready have all of these link to a lead page
for email collection, but you’ll grow a social media presence
so that you can enter the market with a list developed already,
so you can immediately market your product to a list, other
than ppc.

Your website should 100% NOT SAY JOIN MY NEWSLETTER. IT should
say ‘claim my 15% off coupon now’ in order to encourage them to
actually want your newsletter and join your email list or
something similar. You’ll have to implement an auto responder.

This is building a brand. A long term, sustainable business not
reliant upon Amazon.

Your signature everywhere should be ‘use this coupon code:
whatever ❌❌❌ get 15% when you shop NOW at … site name’ on all

Hope that helped someone!

Good luck