Konversion Shopify Theme Review | Shopify Theme | Features and Specifications

Get Konversion Shopify Theme Here: http://bit.ly/KonversionShopifyTheme

Konversion Shopify Theme Review | Shopify Theme | Features and

Konversion Shopify Theme Review | What’s different in it?
Konversion Shopify Theme is Easy-To-Use Theme Packed With
Conversion-Boosting Features, Makes your Shopify Store more
User-Friendly And Faster than Ever.

Why You Need Konversion Theme for “Shopify” ?
+Installation is simple and takes just 1 minute
+You don’t need any design or coding skills to customize this
+Conversion optimization features are built-in and easy to
modify this theme makes it easy for your visitors to navigate
your store and buy your store’s load speeds are instantly
boosted with this theme (faster store = better conversions)

Konversion Shopify Theme Review | FAQ :

+ Do I need this to sell on Shopify?
-This theme is packed with features that are known in the
industry to increase conversions, build trust with your
and improve customer loyalty. If you want to make your visitors
happy and give yourself the best chance of making a
sale, this theme is for you.
You work hard for every visitor to your store… With Konversion
Theme for “Shopify” you’ll know you’re doing everything
you can to get the most sales possible.

+Why is this better than other themes?
-There are a lot of themes out there that look nice. But most
themes are not focused on speed and the end user’s
experience. Konversion Theme for “Shopify” looks great, it’s
easy to use, it loads incredibly quickly, and people will
visiting your store.

+ How will adding this theme impact the speed of my
-Adding Konversion Theme for Shopify will instantly speed-up
the load speeds of your website which improves the user
experience of your store and can improve your conversions. With
that being said, modi􀃒cations to the theme could
impact the performance.

+ Is this compatible with other 3rd party plugins?
-This theme is compatible with Shopify and seems to work well
with most 3rd party plugins, although adding certain 3rd
party plugins may impact the overall performance of Konversion
Theme for Shopify.

+ Is this theme easy to use, even if I’m not tech-savvy?
-It sure is. You don’t need any design skills, programming
skills, or really any technical “know how” of any kind.
Konversion Theme for “Shopify” is easy to use right out of the

+ How quickly could I begin to results from adding the
Konversion Theme for Shopify?
-Right away. Everything about this theme is designed with a
focus on getting you the best conversions possible. Of
course, over time, you’ll notice just how much money those
increases in conversions add to your bottom line.
Are improved conversion guaranteed?

+ How many stores can I use this theme on?
-It depends on the version you choose. The single user license
may only be used on one store, but if you have multiple
stores or anticipate growth, or multi-user licenses are a smart
investment that will pay for itself.

+What if I need help or have a question?
-Because this theme is so easy to install and customize, we
don’t anticipate that you’ll have any issues. But if you do
help along the way or have a question, we’re just a support
ticket away.
Our support is second to none, and we respond to ALL support
tickets within 24 hours or less, and depending on when
you send the ticket, we usually respond within just a few
hours. When you get Konversion Theme for Shopify, you can
be con􀃒dent that we’re here if you need us.

+ What about updates to the theme? Are those included?
Updates are included in the licensing fee. We are committed to
keeping your theme 100% up-to-date and running fast
and smoothly. Anytime there’s an update to Konversion Theme for
Shopify, you’ll get access to that update at no
additional charge.

+ Can I use this theme on a brand new store that I’ve just
opened (or one that I’m about to open)?
-Absolutely. If you’re just getting going with Shopify, you’ll
be able to start strong and give yourself the best
for massive success when you use Konversion Theme for
“Shopify”. Plus, it’s extremely easy to install and customize
you’re just starting out.

+ What are the advantages of getting the the Agency
-When you choose the Agency License option today, you get
access to the following perks not available with our other
license options…
Access to our “Concierge”support team which gives you a full
365 days of dedicated support if you have any
issues or questions related to the theme
You get 10 full-featured licenses
If you decide to purchase

Get Konversion Shopify Theme Here: http://bit.ly/KonversionShopifyTheme

Watch Full DEMO Here: https://youtu.be/crZliK4qupA

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