Open an on-line version of your store (shopify store) – online business / online store!!

Every entrepreneur who owns a business in 2017 must have an
online version of that business. The shopify platform offers
the perfect opportunity for every business owner to reach the
audience online with products they know are selling in store.
The process to set up your online store is not difficult and
will not take that much time. I have included a few key videos
that I used when setting up my Shopify stores. I have shared
the key benefits with close family and friends and I now want
to share it with everyone. I work with business all over the
country and the ones with a strong online presence are most
Just think you can double your daily sells but just posting
inventory online and sending customers who prefer to shop
online to the online version of your brick and mortar store.
This can double, even triple your daily sells in no time. You
can require all curent and new employees to be able to upload
new inventory and fulfill orders for the online store. The
starts off with a 14-day free trial. After the trial period,
you can sign up for a small fee of $29.99 per month. If you
already are paying rent to store your present inventory you are
virtually storing your online inventory for free or no
additional charge.

Sign up for 14-day trial now:

Videos I recommend and that I used when setting up my Shopify