(PART 3) How We Built A $250K Shopify Business In 2017 In Under 90 Days – MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO

You are going to learn exactly how to create amazing funnels
right within your Shopify store with ease. With TriFunnels
you’ll be able to drag and drop your stores products right into
a funnel and seamlessly have your visitors purchase through the
funnel using TriFunnels drag and drop builder. The best part is
TriFunnels is only $9 per store… meaning its practically
NOTHING to get started and anyone can get started no matter
what your budget is.

You can get TriFunnels here: http://trifunnels.com

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TriFunnels Updates That Are Rolling Out:

– A / B Split testing with front end products. If you want to
split test 2 products as the front end or upsell offers and get
data on which one performs the best we are going to set this
up. You can easily go and set the % of traffic that see your
offer. So if you set 50% and get 10 visitors, 5 will see offer
1 and 5 will see offer 2. TriFunnels will tell you which one
converts the best and after X amount of visitors you can have
it ‘smart adapt’ and will automatically put the winner as

– Possibility to edit the footer of every page. We wanted to
give you guys the ability to have complete control over the
pages which leads me to my next bullet….

– COMPLETE page builder. This is going to take a pretty dang
decent amount of time to get right 30 days or so (this is the
longest part of our process) however, we are going to make it a
complete builder where you can drag and drop columns and rows
and elements and you can build your pages freely.

– Cool Feature: Animations for your page. You want text to
bounce / appear / dissolve / etc now you can! It’s going to be
a cool little feature to give to your funnels without having to
worry about affecting conversions or page speed (I mean, don’t
go crazy)

– Import and Export Funnels (OH YEA): What we are going to do
is make a feature where you will be able to move ready made
funnels BETWEEN shops. Like there would be button ‘Export
funnel’ on a funnel page and clicking on it we will show a pop
up. On that pop up we will show a) Pick a shop where you
want to move it b) Pick products from this funnel that
you’d like to move (we can move products between shops and keep
funnel connections) and after clicking ‘EXPORT’ that funnel
with picked products will appear on your other shop where your
app is installed.


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