Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial Part 13: Setting Up Professional Email Address

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Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial Part 13: Obtaining Professional
Email Address

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Alright so now we’re going to go over the procedure for getting
your professional email address (from the free trial of G
Suite, the best provider of said professional address), and
connecting that address to your store in the correct way so
that email is flowed from your contact form to your regularly
checked email address. Doing this process is two-fold, in that
it’s essential to be able to receive emails from customers
through a professional address for legitimacy (leading to
further solidification of your brand name), as well as for
receiving actual complaints or concerns for orders. Without
this address you’re store won’t be as complete as it could be,
and you’ll leave profits on the table in the long run due to
inefficiency and lack of professionalism!

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