Shopify Excel Export Import App Demo

Data you can Import and Export:
* Products
* Smart Collections
* Custom Collections
* Customers

Use For:
* Import Shopify data in bulk.
* Create a Test store with the same data as your real store:
copy your data from one shop to another by Exporting and then
Importing the same file in another store.
* Clone the store data for multi-country expansion.
* Backup and save your store data to your own disk.
* Restore accidentally deleted or damaged Shop data by just
re-importing your saved Excel file.
* Import Customers from your old store or from your other
customer lists.


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Import Features
After import is finished, you will be able to download the
Imported Results Excel file, which will contain the import
results with additional Results columns at the end, so you can
see precisely, which rows were imported, and which not. If
there was an error, you will see what it was.
See, which rows were created, which were updated.

Columns available for Export and Import:
* Handle
* Title
* Body (HTML)
* Vendor
* Type
* Tags
* Published
* Template Suffix
* Image Src
* Image Position
* Option1 Name
* Option1 Value
* Option2 Name
* Option2 Value
* Option3 Name
* Option3 Value
* Variant Position
* Variant SKU
* Variant Grams
* Variant Inventory Tracker
* Variant Inventory Qty
* Variant Inventory Policy
* Variant Fulfillment Service
* Variant Price
* Variant Compare At Price
* Variant Requires Shipping
* Variant Taxable
* Variant Barcode
* Variant Image
* Variant Weight Unit

To import several images and variants, just repeat the row with
the same Handle.
No need to have empty cells for repeated rows.
At the same time, Shopify exported CSV file, pasted to Excel
[Products] Sheet, can be imported as it is without any

Smart Collections
Columns available for Export and Import:
* Handle
* Title
* Must Match (see available values below)
* Sort Order (see available values below)
* Template Suffix
* Updated At
* Published
* Published At
* Published Scope
* Body (HTML)
* Image Src
* Rule: Product Column (see available values below)
* Rule: Relation (see available values below)
* Rule: Condition (see available values below)

To import several rules for each Smart Collection, just repeat
the row with the same Handle, and set the Rule

There are some columns that require specific values –
basically, the same as you see in Shopify Admin, when you
create or edit the Collection.

Custom Collections
Columns available for Export and Import:
* Handle
* Title
* Sort Order (see available values below)
* Template Suffix
* Updated At
* Published
* Published At
* Published Scope
* Body (HTML)
* Image Src

Columns available for Export and Import:
* Email
* First Name
* Last Name
* Phone
* State (see available values below)
* Accepts Marketing
* Created At (only Export)
* Updated At (only Export)
* Total Spent (only Export)
* Total Orders (only Export)
* Last Order Name (only Export)
* Note
* Verified Email
* Tax Exempt
* Tags
* Address First Name
* Address Last Name
* Address Phone
* Address Company
* Address Line 1
* Address Line 2
* Address City
* Address Province
* Address Province Code
* Address Country
* Address Country Code
* Address Zip
* Address Is Default
* Account Activation URL (only Export)
* Send Account Activation Email (only Import)
* Send Welcome Email (only Import)
* Password (only Import)
* Multipass Identifier

Yes, in this export, as you see Customers in Admin – each
customer has its primary First/Last name and Phone, and each
address has their own First/Last Name and Phone – for delivery
purposes. All this data is exported and imported exactly as you
see it in Admin.

If Client will have several addresses, all those will be
exported, each address in new Excel row. The same principle can
be used to import Customers with several addresses, keeping the
Email field as the unique Customer identifier (the same as
Handle for Products).


Install to Shopify Store and see for yourself!
Let us know, what you think…