shopify tutorial for beginners – Day 8 – How To Setup Facebook Fan Pages For Your Shopify Store

shopify tutorial for beginners – Day 8 – How To Setup Facebook
Fan Pages For Your Shopify Store
today’s topic in the tecademics chris record e-commerce 90 day
challenge is:

day 8 topic: setting up facebook fan pages for your shopify

day 8 presenter: chris record, ceo of tecademics

facebook fan pages are free to set-up take some time and set
some up, even if you never end up using them. practice is

i’ve set up well over 100+ fan pages, and the experience has
been awesome!!!

here are some general concepts about facebook fan pages
you should have one fan page per major niche that you are
for example, if you have a general store and you are clearly
selling niche products in different categories, you might want
a new fan page for each major niche that you are selling in –
so that you can place ads on those fan pages.
it doesn’t matter if these fan pages have zero fans.
all that really matters is the page title and the profile
kitchen products
cat furniture
man cave gear
camping products
(a whole bunch of random items)
in this scenario, you have 4 good options for building fan
option 1: build 5 unique fan pages in your specific niches
fan page 1: kitchen niche
fan page 2: cat niche
fan page 3: man cave niche
fan page 4: camping niche
fan page 5: general niche
option 2: build 5 unique fan pages in broader niches
fan page 1: cooking/healthy living/home niche
fan page 2: pets/animals
fan page 3: men’s gear/interior design/diy niche
fan page 4: outdoor niche/survival niche
fan page 5: general page (for everything else)
option 3: build 1 massive fan page for all your posts
fan page 1: general niche fan page for everything
this option is good if you are building a brand and you want
brand recognition to your name, logo, etc.
option 4: create a fan page for a specific product

one common theme of all these options is that you can always
have a general fan page for when you aren’t sure where to post
about your products.

for example, if your store is called:
then your fan page could be called “zany bargains online”.

and you could post all or even just some of your random
products on that fan page.

but, if you are diving into a few specific niches with
categories on your store, or if your entire store is in a
specific niche, then it’s better to have a specific fan page
that is directly targeted to that niche audience of people.
they will respond better to that.

****note: this will not affect your facebook pixel tracking

so, if you are using a facebook pixel on your store to track
conversions, then this will not affect it in any negative way.
even though you have several different fan pages, your pixel is
connected to your ads account, not to those specific pages.

so you can create as many fan pages as you want, for free!

if they are free, and you can laser target your audience, then
why not do it???

question: is a fan page important to helping you get
answer: of course it is!!!
question: is a fan page required in order to place fb
answer: yes it is.
question: does a niche specific fan page convert better than a
general page???
answer: sometimes.

if your general fan page doesn’t have much content on it and
doesn’t have many likes on it, then a niche specific fan page
will often convert far better than a general fan page.

if your general fan page does have a ton of likes on it, then
that social proof may help create more conversions. but even
this is questionable.

since most of you are beginners, my advice is to create some
niche specific fan pages to run your ads from, and to set them
up in the most basic way to focus on converting more sales and
more customers from your hard earned money that you are
spending on advertising.

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