Shopify Tutorial for Beginners: What is Shopify? (2017)

Guide to Getting Started:…

Welcome to the first video of my Shopify Tutorial for Beginners
online series. I’ve been helping online businesses establish
themselves over the past 15 years and decided to put together
these videos showing you how to setup your online store using
Shopify. We’ll be uploading more videos just like this, so make
sure to Like and Subscribe to my channel for updates.

If you run into any questions or concerns with setting up your
ecommerce store, leave a comment below and we’ll respond within
24 hours.

Here’s a quick recap of the tutorial in case you were
interested in something specific to your business.


Introduction to Shopify Tutorial for Beginners 00:28
Media Mike’s Online Business Experience 00:54

**Understanding Shopify**

Who is Shopify for?: 01:45
What is Shopify?: 01:59
Online and Offline Store Options: 02:05

**Easy To Use**

Shopify Web Hosting: 02:35
Online Business Tasks: 03:02

**Online Store Design Customizations**

Free and Paid Online Store Theme Designs: 03:26
HTML and CSS Editor: 03:58
Shopify’s Free Consultation: 04:18

**Additional Ecommerce Features**

Online Blog: 04:58
Built-in Search Engine Optimization 05:09
Free and Paid Apps for the Business 05:18