Shopstyle API and Shopify API Project Update 18th July 2017

We are getting the data from the shop-style API and publishing
the Product to Shopify Store using Shopify store.

Updates for shopstyle and shopify API

You have to login with you shopify store using the shopify

Now you need to update the shopstyle API first.

Reprice % -If on the shopstyle product price will be 100 and
you want to add 10% margin aupdat it to 10 or leav it 0 for no

Now you can all paremeter are there now.

Search for some Products now.

YOu can see the produc form the API.

YOu can add them to queue.
Lets check the queue first .
You can see the prodc from click view products.

You can add the product using add to queue.

YOu can remove from it here.

Also can remove it from here as well.

The Product is added to queue now.

I am checking on the shopiy there is no product yet.

I have set the cron for 5 minute interval .

If want to run manually , we just need to open the link of

This is the link of CRON

You can see Product is added there now.

I can also see the status on the Portal.