Side Hustling Ep. 45: This Shopify Store Started by 2 College Buddies Has Made Over $15,000 to Date

Today’s Side Hustlers built their website in an afternoon on
Shopify and are still running on Shopify today. Start your own
Shopify Store

Hey guys, Rules for Rebels back at you with episode 45 of Side
Hustle Tuesdays. Today’s episode is a great one about a couple
of college buddies who while in school started their own bowtie
and pocket square company.

They sourced their product from Alibaba and setup a Shopify
store all in a single afternoon. They bootstrapped the entire
business taking product photos themselves, getting a logo made
cheaply on Fiverr and using friends as models.

The business took off, slowly but surely it grew from $200 per
month to $300 per month and then to $500.

The business is still growing and while both guys are now out
of college and working full-time jobs they are still working on
and growing this fun side hustle.