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Classica Pro font – Say hello to new Classica Pro font family
designed by , Classica Pro fonts release at Oct 27, 2016.
Classica Pro is the perfect titling font to complement text
faces in magazines, logotypes, etc.

Classica Pro by Bernd MöllenstädtA real alternative for
letterpress printingA masterpiece It was only after many years,
shortly before the end of his life, Bernd Möllenstädt brought
out these early drafts of his Classica Light and Light Italic
from his drawer, and asked me to produce for him on the
computer a Bold and Bold Italic, from which we later wanted to
interpolate further cuts like Regular and so on. More… The
boldening of letters with an oblique axis and with hairlines
which should not grow to the same extent as the general line
widths, is hard to cope with perfectly, even for the smartest
computer program, and even more so, when it concerns an as
complicated set of data as those conceived by Bernd. The
automatically generated result could therefore only be a first
step that had to be improved manually later. This was about the
stage that we had reached when Bernd died in March 2013,
leaving me behind with comprehensive corrections on proofs of
this automatically generated Bold. Although I was aware that it
would mean a lot of work to complete the project, I did not
want to leave it unfinished and decided to finalize and publish
the Classica, also in Bernd‘s honor. In the course of the two
years that I worked on this font family it somewhat naturally
became also my own. New details were added and some of the
existing changed. A book typeface requires the supreme and
forgives rarely, it represents a true masterpiece. My intention
and my ambition were to create a real alternative for
letterpress printing, with a font family that contains all the
typographic options for an excellent typesetting, and is better
readable and has a better appearance than other existing
typefaces. Whether this was achieved, the reader may decide.
Volker Schnebel, Hamburg, december 2014