Why Lumen Script Font Is The Best Font For Your Shopify?


Lumen Script Font Download
Lumen Script Font Download
Lumen Script Font Download
Download : http://myfonts.us/EamgCQ
Gallery and Sample : http://myfonts.us/CWXjak

Lumen Script font – Say hello to new Lumen Script font family
designed by Chris Mizen, Lumen Script fonts release at Jan 31,
2017. Lumen Script is the perfect titling font to complement
text faces in magazines, logotypes, etc.

Lumen Script is a contemporary monoline script display face.
Combining the loops and swashes from the fanciest of hand
painted scripts, with the consistencies of shape and form from
the most regimented of sans, Lumen Script is a fresh and unique
take on the ever popular script typeface. To get the most out
of Lumen Script, make sure you have Contextual Alternates and
Standard Ligatures turned on in your Opentype menu. More… Lumen
Script also has a set of small caps, designed to sit
comfortably alongside the standard letters, allowing you to
change your tone without changing typeface. Lumen Script is
also versed in multiple languages, with many accented
characters included.

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