Why Malandrino™ Font Is The Best Font For Your Shopify?


Malandrino™ Font Download
Malandrino™ Font Download
Malandrino™ Font Download
Download : http://myfonts.us/QtoKUG
Gallery and Sample : http://myfonts.us/TVhr9Z

Malandrino™ font – Say hello to new Malandrino™ font family
designed by Liz Bartucci, Malandrino™ fonts release at Mar 6,
2017. Malandrino™ is the perfect titling font to complement
text faces in magazines, logotypes, etc.

Inspired by my Grandfather Dominick, “Malandrino” is an Italian
word that means ‘rascal’ or ‘rogue’ – it’s what my Grandmother
called my Grandfather with a ‘love smack’ to the back of his
head. This textured brush font has a mischievous charm with
expressive word dingbats and a few special inked illustrations
with the kind of rough and clever spirit that travels through a
highly spirited spontaneous brush script. More… Malandrino
includes a full international and multilingual support and a
large set of alternate contextual characters and built-in
ligatures to allow flawless typesetting in dynamic OpenType

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