WooCommerce Tutorial 2015 – Beginners Guide to Creating an eCommerce Site with WordPress

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WooCommerce tutorial for beginners. If you’re planning on
creating an eCommerce site with WordPress and WooCommerce this
year then is the video to start with. This beginners guide to
WooCommerce in 2015 will set you on the right path to building
a professional and hopefully profitable eCommerce website.

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The first half of this tutorial is an in-depth overview of all
the important settings within the WooCommerce plugin. You’ll
see how to configure general WooCommerce settings which include
the following;

– Product settings
– Payment methods settings
– Checkout page settings
– Shipping settings
– User Accounts settings
– Sales tax configuration
– Email settings

The second part of this beginners WooCommerce tutorial will
show you how to…

– Customize the look and feel of the default 2015 WordPress
theme for WooCommerce
– Menus / Navigation configuration
– Creating Products in WooCommerce
– Product category settings
– Coupon setup

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