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Design and backend service for Magento is one of our best services. We have helped over 30.000 webshop owners world wide. We have created over 1.000 Magento webshops. We have made more than 50.000 shop owners happy with our FREE Magento themes.

Why SiteGround Hosting

Why cloud hosting? It’s the way of the future. Based on innovative technology, it is highly-scalable. Fast cloud hosting platform offers amazing flexibility and allows you to customize the resources of your own plan. Siteground is best managed cloud hosting option there is.

Application Service

Many people have questions about Magento, WordPress PrestaShop or Drupal. We at Pagayo can help you. You can chat with us or write a support ticket. Questions are free, but not all our service is free. We will inform you about the costs.


You have a idea for a online store and you want to start, but you are not sure how. Well that’s where we can help you. In just a few simple steps we can help you start a Magento online store with all the basic steps done correctly.

  • Get good hosting. We only work with SiteGround, they are very good for starters and large companies. Go to SiteGround
  • Pick a design. You can use a design from Pagayo, click here. Or you can get a design from Themeforest, click here.
  • Mail us your SiteGround login info and we will take care of the rest. And if you want to use a Themeforest theme we need that as well.
  • Buy our theme installation service here, Pagayo serviceWith this service you know that you start your online business with the best possible Magento webshop.

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